The Soul's Pilgrimage - Volume 2: The Descent of the Dove and the Spiritual Life

The Theology of the Christian Year: The Sermons of Robert Crouse

Robert Crouse

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This rich volume is the second of two collecting 96 sermons by the late priest and theologian Robert D. Crouse - one of the finest contemplative theological minds of our age. They are arranged to follow the principal celebrations of the ancient Christian Year, so they can be read in step with the liturgical seasons. A Preface by Victoria Matthews and an Introduction by the collection's editor Gary Thorne highlight some of the connecting threads of the sermons - in particular the theme of Divine Friendship offered by the Gospel.

Robert Crouse , contemplative, teacher, gardener, mystic, preacher, and theologian of twinkling, mischievous wit, lived much of his life on Crouse Road, Crousetown, Nova Scotia, Canada, where his family had lived for more than 200 years. A world authority on Augustine and Dante, he taught for much of his life at King's College, Halifax, and was in great demand internationally as a lecturer on the theological tradition of the ancient and medieval worlds. In a fragmenting civilization he was an unmovable force for stability, prophetic in his determination to re-focus the Church he loved on things heavenly and eternal. His invitation to all to journey this timeless pilgrimage leads both the secular and the sacred soul to the Good and the Beautiful. He died in 2011.
ISBNs: 9781915412645 978-1-915412-64-5 Title: the souls pilgrimage - volume 2 the descent of the dove and the spiritual life ISBNs: 9781915412652 978-1-915412-65-2 Title: the souls pilgrimage - volume 2 the descent of the dove and the spiritual life