Letting Photos Speak

Visio Divina and Other Approaches to Contemplative Photography

Stephen J. Radley, Philip J. Richter and Andy J. Lindley

978 1 915412 12 6
Paperback |144 pp |246 x 189 mm
Price: £16.99

Letting Photos Speak is for anyone who takes photos, on standard cameras or smartphones, and who wants to explore personal meaning and well-being through their pictures.

The book, designed for readers of all faiths and none, begins by exploring some of the common ground between Christian contemplation and mindfulness and the effects that photography can have on wellbeing. It outlines some ways of exploring meanings in photos, ranging from theological reflection to visio divina, and considers how photography can function as a place of unrushed reflection or contemplation, involving the mind, emotions and body.

Drawing on the authors' experience of utilising photography in churches, leading retreats and running workshops, the book includes a number of practical exercises to 'let photos speak' and help readers connect with themselves, others, nature, and God.

The book also offers some practical examples of how images can speak effectively in group contexts, such as workshops and alternative styles of worship.

At the end, readers are invited to draw together their reflections in a personal photo journal, inspired by the ancient practice of keeping a 'Book of Hours', using reflective prompts and innovative bookmark overlays.

Stephen J. Radley is an Anglican priest and photographer. He runs retreats and workshops across the UK. He is a military veteran, enjoys sailing and has a love of nature and the outdoors.
Philip J. Richter is a Methodist minister. He runs courses on photography and spirituality. He co-wrote Gone But Not Forgotten (DLT: 1998).
Andy J. Lindley is a Methodist Minister specialising in pioneer ministry as co-leader of the Kairos Movement. He has a background as an Optoelectronics engineer and enjoys nature, art and photography.
ISBNs: 9781915412126 978-1-915412-12-6 Title: letting photos speak