A Shaking Reality

Daily Reflections for Advent

Peter B. Price

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‘Christmas is so often not only commercialised but domesticated. The weeks before are busy and demanding. Yet in Christian thinking they open our eyes to the shattering and shaking work of God in taking human form as Jesus. Nothing could be more dramatic. Peter Price gently, but with great firmness, calls us to be shaken by Jesus, to have our senses stirred, to be awakened to the power of the birth of Jesus, to hear the call to celebration and the warning of judgement. It is an eye-opening book and I commend it warmly.’

Justin Welby

‘Peter Price integrates the liturgical Scriptures with the real world as well as anyone I have ever read. This book offers a deep and refreshing look into what advent means for us in this troubled world. Advent is a time to return to the root of our faith and Jesus’ call to his followers, and these reflections do just that. As we anticipate Jesus’ coming into the world, Peter Price reminds us that advent is a time to be shaken, in order to remain faithful and participate in God’s work. So I continue to listen to what Peter says about Advent and how it can shape our response to the daily circumstances we are living in—and you should too!’

Jim Wallis, The Sojourners

Inspired by Father Alfred Delp, who wrote a meditation titled The Shaking Reality of Advent while imprisoned by the Nazis during WWII, Bishop Peter B. Price has written a series of reflections and prayers to be read on each day of Advent. Each reflection is written that we may be ‘shaken and brought to a realisation of our selves’, in order to gain a new understanding of God’s promise of redemption and release.

Peter B. Price is an author and broadcaster, and until recently Chair of Trustees of Conciliation Resources, a peace-building NGO working in many conflict areas around the world. He was formerly Bishop of Bath and Wells, Bishop of Kingston upon Thames and Secretary of the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Currently, through the Burns Price Foundation, Peter and his wife Dee seek to promote good citizenship amongst young people supporting projects that focus on making peace and building community.
ISBNs: 9780232533507 978-0-232-53350-7 Title: a shaking reality ISBNs: 9780232533514 978-0-232-53351-4 Title: a shaking reality