Victorian Worthies

Vanity Fair's Leaders of Church and State

Malcolm Johnson, Ian Hislop and Revd Richard Coles

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Hardback |128 pp |198 x 126 mm
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eBook |248 pp

'A delightful tour of the eccentric, Anglican world of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.'

Ian Hislop, Private Eye

'Malcolm Johnson has skilfully recovered these caricaturists from the magazine rack of history.'

Revd Richard Coles

'Victorian Worthies came when I needed a day away from the laptop, and I devoured it in the garden at a sitting.'

Diarmaid MacCulloch, Oxford University, Prof. of History of the Church

Victorian Worthies collects the very best caricatures of the leading church figures of Victorian Britain from the pages of the original Vanity Fair magazine.

The brilliant colour cartoons by ‘Ape’ and ‘Spy’ and accompanying vignette by ‘Jehu Junior’ (editor Thomas Gibson Bowles) are here reproduced, with a brief modern-day biography by priest Malcolm Johnson.

Includes portraits of William Gladstone, Samuel Wilberforce, Alfred Lord Tennyson, John Ruskin, Anthony Trollope, John Henry Newman, Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria, William Spooner, Robert Baden-Powell, Winston Churchill, Edward VII, Cosmo Lang and G K Chesterton.

Malcolm Johnson is a retired Church of England priest, previously rector of St Botolph Aldgate, Master of the Royal Foundation of St. Katharine and chaplain to the Lord Mayor of London.
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