The Church of Mercy

His First Major Book: A Message of Hope for All People

Pope Francis

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'Pope Francis emphasises the courage sinners need to return to God, as well as perseverance, trust and humility. Reading this book carefully will help you grasp the essence of Francis's pontificate.'

Catholic Herald

'Rewarding: This is a Pope concerned to make people think about how they respond to the gospel message of hope which he is trying to bring to the world of today.'

Church Times

* The first major authorised book by Pope Francis in the English language.

* Approved by the Vatican.

* Foreword by Cardinal Vincent Nichols.


“The Church’s primary task is to bear witness to the mercy of God and to encourage generous reactions of solidarity in order to open a future of hope”

The focal point of Pope Francis’ Church is mercy: in the dialogue between human fragility and God’s mercy the Church has to welcome and help everyone to find the ‘good news’ of Christian hope. As part of his revolutionary new vision for the Church, Francis calls on all believers to be ‘full-time Christians’ and not ‘living-room Christians’, and to struggle against the trappings of power, and the worship of money and careerism.

Francis has spoken and written widely on these themes during his first year as Pope, and his thoughts are here collected for the first time, edited and abridged with full Vatican approval.

The book is aimed at a broader readership, believers and non-believers, priests, religious, dedicated laypeople, and teachers.

10 chapters as follows: The Good News of Christ; A Poor Church for the Poor; Listening to the Spirit; Proclamation and Testimony; Full-time Christians; Shepherds with the ‘odour of the sheep’; The Choice of the Last; Demolish the Idols; The Culture of Good; Mary, Mother of Evangelism.

Pope Francis is the 266th and current Pope, the worldwide leader of the Catholic Church.
ISBNs: 9780232531244 978-0-232-53124-4 Title: the church of mercy ISBNs: 9780232531282 978-0-232-53128-2 Title: the church of mercy