The state of the Church and the Church of the State

Re-imagining the Church of England for our world today

Michael Turnbull and Donald McFadyen

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Turnbull and McFadyen explain to a new generation the role and potential of the Church of England in English society and they are surely right to emphasise that its future is bound up with a sense of national identity. Here is the loose ball waiting for church people to scoop.

The Rt Hon Frank Field, MP for Birkenhead

Many people, including those who are not regular churchgoers, have a sense that the Church of England is important for the nation’s well-being, and that we would be the poorer without it. Can our Christian foundations laid in the past provide the inspiration, the vision, for new life together in the third millennium? Is the Church in a fit state to play a positively influential role in England today? Including inspiring examples of where the Church is bringing new life to communities and national life, Michael Turnbull and Donald McFadyen offer hope for the Church and state, in the belief that together they can become a nation where together people flourish, resulting in a godly ‘big society’.

Michael Turnbull Michael Turnbull, former Bishop of Rochester and of Durham, was chairman of the Archbishops’ Commission on the Structures of the Church of England which produced Working as One Body (the Turnbull Report).
Donald McFadyen is a priest in the Church of England and the first Director of Church Study and Practice at Ridley Hall Theological College, Cambridge.
ISBNs: 9780232528817 978-0-232-52881-7 Title: the state of the church and the church of the state ISBNs: 9780232529517 978-0-232-52951-7 Title: the state of the church and the church of the state