Hope's Work

Facing the future in an age of crises

David Gee

978 1 913657 03 1
Paperback |160 pp |160 x 160 mm
Price: £9.99

978 1 913657 04 8
eBook |160 pp

‘This book is an original and deeply compassionate example of poetic and spiritual theology that combines poetry, deep erudition and beautifully-rendered story-telling.’

Prof Chris Baker, William Temple Foundation

‘We all have hope built in and now we need it more than ever, but in these troubled times it’s easy to lose. This thoughtful book, readable and not too lengthy, is a kind of users’ manual for the would-be (and already) hopeful among us. It encourages small acts of kindness, patience, and creativity to confront the world’s violence and bring the changes we long for.'

Peggy Seeger, folk singer and activist

Hope is a determination to live for what is worth living for today, whatever tomorrow may bring. In the bleakest of times hope may seem beyond our grasp, but David Gee’s stirring book helps us to see where we might find it, step-by-step, moment-by-moment, in ourselves, in those alongside us, and in the world around us. Hope’s Work is written to re-fresh and re-engage people who struggle to keep faith with hope in an age of violence and crisis, and is essential reading for our times. Drawing on stories of hope and resistance from past and present, this short, beautifully-designed book goes in search of what is worth living and working for, even as the future becomes harder to face.

David Gee is a writer and speaker on nonviolent social change, with over two decades’ experience campaigning for peace and human rights. Supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, he works with groups around the UK exploring the practical meaning of hope in an increasingly violent world.
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