Following in the Footsteps of Christ

The Anabaptist Tradition

Traditions of Christian Spirituality

C. Arnold Snyder

978 0 232 52474 1
Paperback |144 pp |220 x 135 mm
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Anabaptist spirituality has been described as ‘both Catholic and Protestant’, a sixteenth-century ascetic lay reform movement inspired both by currents of pre-Reformation devotion to Christ and the Reformation call to return to Scripture. Because of their insistence on adult baptism, followers - often illiterate artisans and peasants with no formal theological education - met widespread persecution. Arnold Snyder’s sympathetic study draws on court records to give an intimate glimpse into their convictions, practices and spirituality, and shows the continuing relevance and significance of Anabaptist ideas for contemporary Christians.

ISBNs: 9780232524741 978-0-232-52474-1 Title: following in the footsteps of christ