The #Pray4 Principle

Why Prayer is Still Important in a Secular Age

Alexander Lee

978 0 232 52982 1
Paperback |136 pp |198 x 126 mm
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Recent social media 'pray4' campaigns, such as that for footballer Fabrice Muamba,have seen millions of people from vastly different spiritual backgrounds united in prayer.

The #Pray4 Principle, written by Alexander Lee, explores what it is that draws us to God and to prayer in these secular times, and the basic human need to look to God when all else seems to fail.

After reflecting on the response to the Muamba incident, Lee goes on to expand on these themes through an examination of several historical comparisons, from the ‘prayer of the mariners’ in the book of Jonah to the groundswell of spiritual outpouring following the death of Princess Diana.

Alexander Lee is a freelance journalist based in the North of England. Specialising in spirituality, philosophy and faith. He writes for Sorted magazine.
ISBNs: 9780232529821 978-0-232-52982-1 Title: the pray4 principle