Babe's Bible: Sister Acts

Babe's Bible

Karen Jones

978 0 232 52980 7
Paperback |320 pp |198 x 126 mm
Price: £8.99

978 0 232 53036 0
eBook |256 pp

‘The fantastic book Babes Bible - not quite 50 Shades of Grey but certainly 50 Shades of Grace!’

Melanie Carroll, Unicorn Tree Books

'This is not the kind of book you think it is going to be – by the time you finish the first chapter you will be totally hooked. It is one of the most unusual and intriguing books I ever had the pleasure of reading!'

Jennifer Rees Larcombe

It’s five years on since Grace found out she was pregnant. Now balancing motherhood and full-time ministry her life takes a dramatic turn when she meets a young victim of sex traffickers. She is still unable to escape her own past as James Martin remains a continued presence in her life.

Chloe, meanwhile, is still struggling to keep her marriage alive. The stresses continue with her own children and she finds herself challenged on issues of drug addiction, sexuality and teenage rebellion.

In Grace’s own Bible-times novel, Lila and Mary are on a steep-learning curve as part of the first community of believers that represent the early Church.

Love, sex and betrayal, and abuse, forgiveness and healing are once again the powerful themes in this heart-rending saga. Sister Acts is the second in Karen Jones’ incredible Babe’s Bible trilogy.

Karen Jones is a Church of England minister, artist, writer and singer/songwriter. She has been speaking and singing in church's and at conferences in England, Ireland, Europe and the USA over the last twenty-nine years, and is a regular speaker at New Wine and Spring Harvest. She was ordained in 2006.
ISBNs: 9780232529807 978-0-232-52980-7 Title: babes bible sister acts ISBNs: 9780232530360 978-0-232-53036-0 Title: babes bible sister acts