Simple Faith: Health

Simple Faith

Christopher Herbert

978 0 232 52886 2
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None of us can escape the pain and suffering of ill-health at times, and most of us will also at other times have to adopt the role of carer to loved ones who are sick. Such experiences bring into sharp focus our vulnerability, and can force some difficult questions to be asked, Why me? Why our family? Illness takes us out of our normality and routine, hinders our work and pleasure, and takes away our sense of being in control. We might feel abandoned by God, or even punished in some way. As such, ill health can be profoundly challenging. In this short book, Christopher Herbert explores these questions and the role of faith at such times, and seeks to offer support to all those who are struggling, be they patients or carers.

Christopher Herbert is well known as an author of books on prayer and spirituality, for both children and adults. He became Bishop of St Albans in 1995. During his tenure as a diocesan bishop, he also served as Chairman of the Hospital Chaplaincies Council. On entering the House of Lords in 1999 he established himself as a speaker in the areas of health and medical ethics.
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