Simple Faith: Faith

Simple Faith

Margaret Silf

978 0 232 52794 0
Paperback |64 pp |156 x 104 mm
Price: £4.99

978 0 232 52965 4
eBook |51 pp

Simple faith is simply to journey in trust, like a baby, but with the wounds and scars of an adult, like a man who died on a cross, and invites us to 'become like little children', and when we follow him we discover that his footsteps lead right back, full circle, to a whole new beginning.

A simple but profound exposition of the nature of faith in our contemporary world. In fifteen concise chapters Margaret Silf opens up searching questions, offers her insights, and invites the reader to think about his or her own responses.

ISBNs: 9780232527940 978-0-232-52794-0 Title: simple faith faith ISBNs: 9780232529654 978-0-232-52965-4 Title: simple faith faith